Artbiotics - beyond the contemporary: art, biology and environment in the 21st century.
Artbiotics is an open interactive and semantic plataform dedicated to biotech and enviromental art.
Artbiotics is a work in progress. It will evolve accordingly to contributions coming from many different sources.

Artbiotics blog ( a think-tank on biotech and environmental art issues.)

Wiki Biotics (Artbiotics Wikiki) (we are presently working on a alfa edition; a beta edition of this wiki will be launched by March 19th 2007.)


Bios 4

a project by Antóno Cerveira Pinto for the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC)

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concept: the case for biology and the case for environment in post-contemporary art and science collaboration .


Agnes Denes
Amy Youngs
Andrew Kötting, Giles Lane, Mark Lythgoe
Andy Gracie
Andy Lomas
Aniko Meszaros
Antony Hall
Arquitecturas Genéticas
Aviva Rahmani
Beatriz da Costa (with Cina Hazegh & Kevin Ponto)
Bestiario (Santiago Ortiz, Jose Aguirre, Carolina Valejo, Andrés Ortiz)
Betty Beaumont
Bill Vorn
Bioteknica (Shawn Bailey & Jennifer Willet)
Brandon Ballangé
Catherine Wagner
Cynthia Verspaget & Adam Fiannaca
Dmitry Bulatov
Driessens & Verstappen
Eduardo Kac
France Cadet
Georg Tremmel, Shiho Fukuhara

George Gessert
Heather Ackroyd, Dan Harvey
Joe Davis
Justine Cooper
Kathy High
Ken Rinaldo
Laura Cinti, Howard Boland (c-lab)
Mark Cypher
Marta de Menezes
Mateusz Herczka
Natalie Jeremijenko
Nell Tenhaaf
Norman T. White
Paul Vanouse
Paula Gaetano
Peter Gena
Philip Ross
Polona Tratnik
Sonya Rapoport
Theo Jansen
Ursula Damm
Victoria Vesna & James Gimzewski

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exhibition: Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC), Seville, May 3 - September 2, 2007.

seminar: May 2, 2007

This is a semantic and collaborative search box focused on biotech and environmental art. Feel free to use it and to add your own links and comments.

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